Almighty Sunset 2 – Lightroom Presets




One of my biggest trademarks on my Instagram is incredible sunsets. I live by them. I do not only take photos of them, watching sunsets are part of my daily routine for reflection. While taking photos the best thing you can do is take them with slightly overexposure, this way you will later on in Lightroom retrieve those lost colors. The biggest obstacle though, it’s that it becomes difficult to retrieve them just as the way you saw them with your own eyes.

Here is where Almighty Sunset 2 and Almighty Sunset come in. I created these presets to reduce time by instantly retrieving all the reds, purplish pinks and oranges that dazzled you at the moment you snap the photo. Almighty Sunset 2 tackles shadowed objects between the camera and the sunset itself.



Edit your photos with 1 click.  This brand new preset is specially made for your sunset photos.  It’s easy to install, easy to use and easy to tweak for further customization. I absolutely love Almighty Sunset 2 & Almighty Sunset, I’m constantly using this preset to edit my own photos and as a result, can be seen on my Instagram page.

Check out this video from one my favorite photographers here for instructions on how to install these presets properly.


**IMPORTANT** Please DO NOT download these from your mobile phone! USE A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER!


*You will receive 1 ZIP file containing 1 Lightroom Preset file. This file must be installed to a specific folder and Lightroom MUST be restarted.It’s NOT for photoshop, Premiere, Or any other editor. Watch video above for full details on how to get up and going!*IF YOU DID NOT GET YOUR LINK IMMEDIATELY, send me an email to and I’ll help you sort it out as soon as possible*